How to Get Rid of the Worst Holiday Stains

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The stains are part of our everyday reality.

They are those awful little things that strangle our nerves and make us super angry for no actual reason. But during a particular season when instead of going to the beach, to many adventures, or just outdoors, you are always at home; during the coldest and in a sense warmest times; during the holiday season there are far more stains and they are far more diverse. And here is little guide how to cope with some of the most frequent ones.

The Red Wine

Surely, there is no other month when you drink more red wine than December. And the truth is that you are not drinking it alone, but you are sharing it with friends. And the more glasses full of divine red liquid mean more stains. However, there is no reason for worries. Keep calm and act fast. Everything else will be just alright. The moment you see the wine spilled on the carpet, you need to take a colorless alcoholic drink and apply it onto the stain. It gets rid of it immediately and surprisingly successfully. So when you are buying those boxes of bottles of wine, do not forget the vodka for just in case.

The Marinara Sauce

This is the second most common stain. This delicious tomato sauce is one of our all-time favorites and when it comes to the kids they do not merely like it, but they adore it. And for this or other reason, the marinara sauce ends up too often on the carpeted floor. However, there is a cleaning trick for this one, too. Be fast, take the baking soda from the draw, mix it with some water and apply it on the carpet. The red stain fades away.

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