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In the area of Lewes, East Sussex, South East England ( BN7) we from Spring Cleaning TW now offer a wide range of cleaning services. If always you do not have enough time for nothing and on top are overwhelmed with chores we are here to take care of your home. Scheme of work at home and back to work is familiar to all.
Cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my family – will never have anyone else clean my house again. They are so lovely, so friendly and they genuinely want to help you. 5 STARS!!



Stop wasting unnecessarily so precious time in cleaning windows and wiping floors. It’s time to renew your social life, go out with friends, spend time with family, have a walk in the park, go on cinema or read a book. There are so many awesome things to do in your day off. Stop depriving yourself and sacrificing your own comfort. We at Spring Cleaning TW will be your true assistant in the housework. We will surprise you how different it may seems your home after a basic professional cleaning. In addition to save time you save money with us. The detergents you use are expensive and can never be as effective as an expert cleaning with special equipment.

You are leaving your rented property and you are wondering how to clean all this mess you left behind. You do not need to be stressed further. Book our End of tenancy services. Our professional team knows how to clean up to perform each point of the final checklist of your landlord. We guarantee 100% that you will receive your deposit back. We provide also Carpet cleaning, Regular cleaning, One off cleaning, Oven Cleaning and Ironing. Our cleaners are fully trained and qualified and can handle in every cleaning situation.

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Discover our competitive pricing for exceptional end-of-tenancy cleaning services, ensuring value and excellence in every clean.
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Our skilled cleaners use powerful products and specialized equipment to effectively remove stains and deeply embedded dirt from carpets, ensuring a thorough transformation free from any pollutants.
Explore the ins and outs of our top-tier one off cleaning service, including everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

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