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Rediscover the beauty of your carpets with Spring Cleaning TW. Our experienced team specializes in removing tough stains and deep-seated dirt, offering top-quality carpet cleaning across Kent. From Royal Tunbridge Wells to Canterbury, we ensure your carpets are not just clean, but rejuvenated. Embrace a cleaner, healthier space today. Contact us to transform your carpets!
Cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my family – will never have anyone else clean my house again. They are so lovely, so friendly and they genuinely want to help you. 5 STARS!!


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Carpeted floors make homes cozy, but they also get really dirty. From carbonara sauce to wine spills and mud, these stains dig deep into the carpet and are hard to remove. Add to that the dust, grime, and dirt, and your carpet can go from cozy to gross. This can be a big problem, especially if you need to pass an end-of-tenancy cleaning inspection. Plus, a dirty carpet can bother everyone in the house.

Regular vacuuming isn’t enough for these tough messes. You need deep and professional cleaning. That’s where we at Spring Cleaning TW come in. We’re ready to help and get your carpet back to its perfect original state.

Transparent Pricing: Our Carpet Cleaning Rates

TypePrice from £
Single Bedroomfrom £ 18
Double Bedroomfrom £ 22
Loungefrom £ 25
Dining roomfrom £ 22
Hallwayfrom £ 10
Staircasefrom £ 20
Rugsfrom £ 15
Archairfrom £ 28
Two seated sofafrom £ 28
Three seated sofafrom £ 35
Curtains half leighfrom £ 19
Curtains full leighfrom £ 29
Single mattressfrom £ 19
Double mattressfrom £ 25

Expert Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Royal Tunbridge Wells: Fast, Efficient, and Reliable

At Spring Cleaning TW, we’re really good at cleaning carpets. That’s because all our experts have a lot of experience. We’re known as the best carpet cleaning company in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Our team has seen every kind of carpet problem. Wondering how to get rid of tough ink stains? We already know how. We clean quickly and get the job done right.

Don’t stress about weird stains. We’ll take care of them fast and make your carpet look awesome again. Our team isn’t just experienced; they’re also professional. We use really good materials to make sure we do a great job.

So, when you choose us, you’re choosing experts who know how to make your carpet clean and great, using the best stuff for the job.

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Revolutionizing Carpet Care: Expert Cleaning Meets Quality and Sustainability at Spring Cleaning TW

At Spring Cleaning TW, we’re proud to be the top carpet cleaning experts in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Our cleaners have years of experience and have seen every kind of carpet problem. We know how to remove tough stains like deep-set ink quickly and effectively. Don’t worry about strange stains; we’ll handle them, making your carpet look new again. Our team’s skill and the high-quality materials we use guarantee our success.

We don’t just aim to remove stains and dirt; we also take care of your carpet’s fabric. We pick our cleaning products carefully, ensuring they’re strong, eco-friendly, and safe for your carpet. At the end of the day, we use only the best for your carpet, with no compromise on quality.

But it’s not just about the cleaning agents. The tools we use are important too. While vacuum cleaners are great, they can’t do everything. That’s why at Spring Cleaning TW, we use special tools that clean your carpet more deeply, removing hard-to-see dirt. The results are always impressive.

A cleaner carpet means cleaner air, a cleaner home, and a better life. Even if you usually clean your carpet yourself, sometimes it needs a deep, professional clean. And that’s where we come in. You can count on us for thorough and expert carpet cleaning.

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