How NOT to Clean the Kitchen

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NO matter whether you are living in the biggest house of the neighborhood or in the tiniest flat downtown, no matter whether you have a mansion or a dorm, whether you are living with your huge family, with your friends, beloved one or by yourself, no matter where you live, in which country or town, most probably you have a kitchen. And while you may be a cooking maniac, dreaming to become the nest MasterChef and enjoying the experiments in the kitchen, you also may hate spending much of your time in this room and prefer the take-away food and the lovely dinner parties in a fancy restaurant in town. But still you have this room and to certain extent you are using it. The coffee you make, the sandwiches you prepare, and the millefeuille you craft all make your kitchen dirty and greasy and even left unused this room accumulates too much dirt. And you end up having to clean it. But how? This is a vital question and the only more relevant one is how not, because today more often you make the worst mistakes from good intentions only. So better know how to avoid them.

Never Just Swipe

Cleaning with a wet microfiber cloth merely could be very useful and effective in certain situation and it could work perfectly well for, let’s say, removing much of the dust on your night shelf. But when it is about the kitchen, nothing is that easy. With the wet clout you will only let the dirt be more deeply accumulated from the surface as in the kitchen the main problem is not the dust, but the grease and grime. That is why, you need to use an efficient cleaning product that is strong and environmental-friendly and will get rid of all the bacteria stuck there.

Always Unplug

This is the room with the most appliances. Starting with the oven and the fridge, going through the microwave and the dishwasher right to the coffeemaker and the toaster, you can keep on counting. Those many appliances are often dirty and if you do not clean them enough, they become so gross that you prefer to just not use them. And to prevent this outcome, take care of them on a weekly basis and please, do not risk, and always unplug.

Do Not Procrastinate

The worst mistake you can make is not cleaning often enough. The kitchen could not be compared with the living room in any sense and the care it needs is far bigger and more complex. That is why you better make a schedule either written or just in your mind. If it is necessary, put the cleaning of the kitchen in your planner, but never skip it. And if you just have no time, which is completely normal these days, you can rely on an expert team that will come and perfect your kitchen instead of you, leaving it in perfect condition and you super satisfied.

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