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Spring cleaning time – why and how?

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As it became clear spring comes. Literary metaphors and colorful hyperbole invaded our head from any blooming tree, flower or blade of grass. The sun seemed more yellow, and all this for most of us means a new dose of energy, hope and optimism. Wonderful feeling to get out of the sun, especially after a long and protracted winter with nothing different and enjoyable than gray news about the economy and bad weather. I do not know about you, but I dream to go outside and breathe floral air and a good mood to clean my wardrobe and send the weary winter clothes somewhere for summer sleep. There is hardly anything more invigorating than to clear the house of all the things that you know you will not need them in the coming warm months.

After the long and lazy winter, spring is the time that we need to activate ourselves and to get on with everything that we could not finish. Spring cleaning is one of the things that we have to start with the first sun rays of spring. To wake up after the winter dormancy must first refresh our home to welcome spring. For the most hosts, it is a task they perform with reluctance, while others do not have the needed time to deal. In this case you can contact a cleaning agency. The companies for Regular Cleaning in Royal Tunbridge Wells provide all kind of services you need for your home spring cleaning.

Clean and aromatize the refrigerator:

We can not miss and the refrigerator in our spring cleaning of the kitchen. First, remove all of it. Sort products available, such as disposing of those that have expired. Prepare a solution of vinegar / lemon juice (250 ml.) and water (250 ml.). For convenience you can pour into a spray bottle. Spray the entire fridge with prepared mixture and let it stand. After 10-15 minutes. Rinse solution with a wet sponge and dry with a towel. Finish cleaning the refrigerator with kitchen paper to shine.

Time required: 1 hour

Clean the cabinets, plots and floor

Once you’ve got the look of your kitchen appliances do not forget to arrange the cupboards and wipe workspaces. Prepare universal cleaning mixture of soap (1 tsp) hot water (1 liter), 100 ml lemon juice and a few drops of essential oil of choice. Wash the floor with a rag and make a short break before the final step.

Time required: 2 hours

Clean the windows:

Perhaps one of the most unpleasant activities of most housewives is cleaning windows. However, you will agree that there is no way to invite spring into your kitchen through dirty glass. Use the mixture of bottle sprayer, which cleaned the refrigerator (1: 1 vinegar and water). Spray the window, then clean with kitchen paper or old newspaper.

Time required: 1 hour

During cleaning, keep a list of products that need to shop for kitchen washing-up liquid, liquid soap, paper towels, olive oil. Record ideas that would refreshed room and make sure you get everything you need.

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