How to choose a suitable carpet for a cozy and stylish home

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The carpet can give color and style to space, but when choosing it, one has to take into account the room in which it will be located. That’s why we offer you some tips to easily find the perfect carpet for every room in your home:

In the bedroom

The carpet in the bedroom should help to make your room a peaceful and quiet place. For this, avoid dark and aggressive colors, soft and pastel shades are more appropriate in this case. As for fabrics, cotton and wool are the favorites.

Large carpets that cover the entire floor will help to isolate internal and external noises.

In the kitchen

Putting a carpet in the kitchen is a great way to add warmth and character to the heart of your home. Many people avoid using carpets in the kitchen, for fear of being permanently stained and dirty, but they can reduce the fatigue caused by long periods of standing and add color to the room.

Stick to carpets with short hair, whether natural or synthetic, as they are easier to clean.

Do not forget to place a pad underneath it to prevent it from being moved. As for form, the most popular are square and rectangular carpets, as they fit into any organization of the room. Semi-moons are suitable for the space in front of the sink, adding comfort and warmth. Round carpets can soften the sharp lines in the design and are often placed in the center of the room or under the kitchen table. Their size depends on the size of your room and your preferences.

In the living room

Here you have the opportunity to show your personality and style. This is the room where you can safely experiment.

Keep in mind that the carpet should not be the dominant element in the room, it should be part of the overall composition of the interior.

Typically, the living room has beautiful flooring, regardless of the material. That’s why you do not have to hide the beauty under a carpet to cover it completely. If the living room in your home is a transitional room that is constantly being used, the most suitable material is the wool as it is easier to clean than cotton and nylon. If your living room has a specific shape, show creativity by combining several smaller carpets and placing them in groups in the room.

In the corridor

The carpet in the hallway sets the tone of the room that surrounds it. An important condition when choosing carpet for this part of the home, is it to be resistant to wear as it will tolerate constant traffic of people

In the bathroom

Forget about cheap bathroom mats – they are not the only option. Although you may find it illogical to invest in a high-quality carpet for this room, you can find soft, moisture-absorbing, rugged rugs at a bargain price. Cotton or terry towels are an economical option that you can do yourself if you have time and desire. They are also very practical as they are easy to wash in the washing machine.

The decision for the choice of the carpets in your home is absolutely yours, but for the perfect carpet cleaning rely on Spring Cleaning TW.

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