The competition in our industry is severe, but this only motivates us and makes us work harder. Thus we always strive for more, for greatness. We offer the very best of cleaning services in the area of Royal Tunbridge Wells and we guarantee you perfection.
  Of course, we are. The insurance is of great importance in the cleaning industry. Letting a stranger into your house could be risky and so that you can leave calm and never worry, we are insured and answer all the requirements to operate on the UK market. We have the permissions needed and all our cleaners are well-trained and trustworthy.
  Usually, the next day. Call us now and tell us all about your personal requirements and wishes as well as the condition of your house or apartment. We will then work out which of our cleaners would cope with your problems the best and they could arrive to your place the very next day.
  Your personal satisfaction is among our main priorities. So if you insist on a specific detergent, we will no doubt use it. Also we take into account all your personal requirements. That is why, do not hesitate to tell us all about your demands and requests.
We provide all the cleaning products, tools, and materials, as they are of highest quality and truly professional. That is why you do not need to supply any detergents and tools or do anything else. However, you understand that if there are tens of toys on the carpet, we wouldn’t be able to clean it. So you better declutter so that we could be more efficient.
We know that you feel your pets are part of the family, but sometimes they may feel anxious and super protective when a stranger enters their territory. And because we believe that we come to clean and perfect and we would not like to stress out your beloved pets, we advise you to keep them somewhere safe until we are done.
Of course, they can. This is their home and we will by no means get them out of there. If they are okay with our presence in the house, we are okay with their presence there. Just let them know what we would be doing so that they are not surprised.
Not really. We need access to your house, but we do not insist that you stay the whole time. You can use this time to do some work, meet friends, or do the weekly shopping. Enjoy!
  Usually, our professionals arrive in teams especially for the deep and all-inclusive services like the end of tenancy cleaning and the domestic one. And in most of the cases, one and the same group of people would come every time for your regular weekly or monthly cleaning. The only time one specialist is trusted an entire cleaning is during the oven one, as it is deep and specialized, but the access to the appliance itself is limited.
No. Payment is due only after completion of a service
Spring Cleaning are trained to use PROCHEM for carpet and upholstery, specialist dip tank cleaning method for ovens, high reach water-fed pole with purified water for window cleaning, powerful gutter vacuum clearance system with a camera and more.