Pelargoniums - an explosion of colors

Pelargonium - summer explosion of colors
03 Apr 2017

Numerous species of pelargonium are famous for homeliness and brightly flowering.

In the modest demands on the soil watering and temperature, an essential element of care for the magnificently blossoming of the flower became trimming. If this is ignored, it soon quantity of clusters will reduce the visible growths will be cleared and will remain nude the color itself becomes shapeless and unattractive.

Why should Pelargoniums be trimmed?

  1. 1. In order to cause the occurrence of side growths and to form new germs of colors;
  2. 2. To give the plant compact and uniform shape;
  3. 3. To become a blossoming - magnificently long and stable;
  4. 4. In order to get quality material for transplanting your favorite species.

Now, in March, it is one of the best periods for pruning of this plant. How to crop pelargoniums that bloom well? Flowering and well-being of paramount plant depends on the quality of the implementation of trimming. It is therefore necessary separation of excess or the dried stems to become with sharp and disinfected instrument:

  • It is best for this purpose to use a razor and if there is no will do and stationery or thin kitchen knife.

  • Shears should not be used because she pinched shoot and disrupts tissue at the site of incision.

Cutting is performed over leaf node facing the outside of the bush. In this case, emerging shoots will not interfere with each other and will not create excessive density of the crown. The separation of young stem can pass without a tool. Pinching is made with dry and clean fingers, try not to pull the branch or not to break its surface layer.

To avoid decay or damage by pests cleavage site is dusted with divided active or ordinary charcoal.

At home in trimming pelargonium in the spring after a blossoming is convenient to use powder of natural cinnamon. After trimming you can fertilize with a fertilizer containing nitrogen. This will accelerate the formation of green shoots.

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