How to prepare for professional carpet cleaning at home

How to prepare for professional carpet cleaning at home
17 May 2017

Instead of replacing your carpets, try professional cleaning services to extend their life and save money.

Carpets are always considered a special interior detail. From ancient times until today, they have performed not only utilitarian but also decorative functions, suggesting with their appearance the welfare and taste of their owner. Founded hundreds of years ago to keep us warm today, in the age of homes with floor heating and extreme thermal insulation, the carpets would have long faded into nothing - if they were not such a beautiful element of interior design. Modern carpets have long since ceased to be a symbol of wealth and a companion of fairy-tale characters who learned to fly without carpets.

If we want to extend the life of our carpets and postpone the purchase of new ones, let's not look at professional carpet cleaning services as a way to save money. This is much easier and the carpet looks new when it is cleaned. And who does not want to save money today? So, if you decide to use professional carpet cleaning, here are some tips on how to prepare your home before the company arrives.

Typically, twice a year, every housewife generally does a home cleaning before holidays. Should we not combine this with cleaning carpets at home?

1) Clean the house thoroughly before the carpet cleaning. Wash all the joinery and clean the dust from the frames of the paintings, lighting fixtures, sockets and moldings. Give yourself a week before to thoroughly clean your home, otherwise you will be exhausted.

2) If you are lucky enough and have a free room where there will be no need for professional carpet cleaning services, move some furniture to this room. Then you will only have to bring them back.

3) Use cardboard boxes (can be found in grocery stores) to collect and move some household items in the garage. The less things in the house while the carpet is cleaned, the easier and faster the job will be done and there is no danger of something breaking.

4) Lock some values in the car trunk or elsewhere on the day of cleaning. You have enough mind in your head, and while carpet cleaning people are in your home, it's better not to worry about the values.

5) If you have plastic or wicker household items you can "store" them in the tub. Even if you humiliate them, it is not a big problem.

You are ready!

After 24 hours - when the carpets are withered, put the things back in their place. All this effort is worthwhile to have such a clean house. The carpets look almost new because the carpet fibers look like they are cut off from the steam-jet

The only inconvenience is to prepare for carpet cleaning, it seems like moving home. That's a lot of work. These tips can help you prepare those who plan to use professional carpet cleaning services.